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Water Purification System

OFS Online Process Water Monitoring and Treatment System (No Chemical Substance)

Soft water is an important part of many processes in the industrial water treatment. To protect downstream systems from lime precipitation, water softener must be monitored. The conventional photometric methods of water hardness monitoring are maintenance intensive and harmful to the environment.
In contrast, water hardness monitoring devices of OFS operate with ion selective sensors and without any addition of indicators. The integrated self-monitoring of the sensor performance and an automatic calibration ensure reliable operation of the devices and the subsequent process.
The main advantages are:

1. Enhancement of operational and process reliability

2. Reduction of operating costs

3. Ecological operation due to ion selective measurement

VSEP Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing

Multi-Disciplinary Approach to promote Disciplined Training

The full name of VSEP is Vibratory Shear EnhancedProcessing, which is a patented advanced filtrationtechnology, suitable for filtration of all liquid, includesbut not limit to:


1. Getting clean filtrate from liquid mixture

2. Extracting mine

3. Getting designated solid substance from dye/ paint

VSEP use virbrant filtration membrane technology,which facilitate:


1. Preventing blockage of filtration membrane

2. Preventing back-flowing of filtrate

3. Ensuring liquid flowing more stable andmore fluent

JTop Water Purification System

On-site activated carbon regeneration system
1. Low initial cost
2. Space saving (max 90%)
3. Low maintenance cost
4. No disposal cost

5. Water recycle
6. Deodorization, de-colorization
7. Remarkable solution for organic effluent
8. Unique patent technology
Space Saving (90%) :
1. Automatic regeneration on-site
                No need to replace activate carbon
2. Compact size of equipment
                No stirring/settling tank is necessary as contaminated water go directly to adsorption module. 
                (Max 90% space saved)
3. Simple on-site set up.  Just 1 day.
                Unit type equipment which is easy to set up. Low set up cost.
4. Tailor made system for any application
                Factory, household, whatever purposes are applicable.

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