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Waste Heat Recovery System

Boiler Waste Heat Recovery System


Most of the factories use steam boilers because of the boiler steam heating process of the factory. However, in many cases of the boiler steam heating, the formation of condensation water emits directly. (But condensed water not only contains the heat but also can be directly used by boilers) Then, it causes waste of energy and serious waste of water resources. Also, many factories in the boiler exhaust gas temperature are high and it wastes much energy and causes serious thermal pollution at the same time.
Our Professional Services:
1) we targeted the factory boiler steam system and analyzed water system survey. Then, we re-build the condensate water recovery system into the boiler in order to save energy.
2) We use the highly efficient heat pipe heat exchanger system to recover high-temperature flue gas heat. At the same time, it can save energy and also reduce the thermal pollution.
1) Boiler system for our corporate clients using the condensate water recovery system and flue gas heat recovery system, saving fuel costs over 3 million dollars.
Meanwhile, we also re-engineer the boiler system fan frequency and the annual electricity savings is more than 500k dollars
2) Another client's boiler system is also done the similar heat recovery system and they save the fuel costs over 15%.

Waste Water Heat Recovery System

In the past year, every day textile manufacturers will emit a large number of high-temperature directly and usually the temperature of drain is between 50oC- 75oC. If recycling heat is a certain commercial value, however, the ordinary heat transferring equipment cannot achieve the desired effect of heat transfer because the printing and dyeing wastewater pH is instability, high levels of suspended solids (SS), sewage viscous substance and PVA etc... These factors not only affect the life of the heat exchanger, but also the effect of heat transfer device.
Professional services:
Our new waste water heat recovery system is very excellent sewage filtration system (with two filters), higher heat transfer efficiency plate heat exchanger and two self-cleaning procedures (steam cleaning & water cleaning). Finally, our system can solve the problem of dyeing high temperature sewage heat recovery system.
A textile plant used sewage heat recovery system and they save fuel costs more than 3 million dollars yearly.

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