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Air-Conditioning System

EnviroTemp Refrigeration Energy Efficient Solution

Oil Foiling is the accumulation of unwanted oil deposits in the coil system of the Condenser & Evaporator During the refrigeration process of all Oil-Based HVAC unit. It effects every piece of Refrigerated equipment, reverse cycle Air Conditioning, Chillers and refrigeration.

EnviroTemp is a highly thermo-conductive oil based product that is added DIRECTLY to the existing lubricating oil.

Adding EnviroTemp:
· Will Remove the stagnant layer of fouled oil,
· Improve the systems C.O.P. /which can translate into:
· Lower energy
· Improved performance
· Increased capacity
· Can Prevent future oil fouling
· Will reduce the laminar FRICTION
· Energy reduction can reach as high as 18%
· Reduced Maintenance Cost
· Minimal ongoing cost
· Restores lost efficiency
· Supported by 100’s of thousands of users world wide
· Fast ROI

"SolarCool" Evaporative Cooled Condenser Screw (Heating/Cooling/Boiling) Chiller

Guangzhou Wide Industrial Co., Ltd. established in 1997 and is specializing in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, research and development, production, sales and installation of the evaporative condensing air conditioning equipment technology leader in international air-conditioning and refrigeration industry.
Wide company pioneered the first worldwide launch of the large plate-tube evaporative condensing air conditioning equipment, including two U.S. invention patents, including more than 20 international and domestic patents
Products achieve the traditional large-scale central air-conditioning equipment, energy saving of 30% energy saving effect, the product energy efficiency are more than a national level indicators of energy efficiency energy-saving products requires innovation products for air conditioning and refrigeration industry in China in recent years most attention by the international peer one of the industry leading experts appraisal committee consisting of the results of identification of the Division I board tube evaporative condensing air conditioning reached the international advanced level.
2008 Wide won the title of "National High Technology Enterprises". On April 2009, the plate-tube evaporative condensing central air conditioning has awarded the "International Standard Products" and on August 2009 the company product has recommended as the "energy-saving products” by China Quality Certification Center.
1). Cooling Capacity Range: 215-1720 KW (61RT-490RT)
2). Can choose the environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a
3). Integrated design, built-in cooling water pumps, corrosion resistant super high thermal conductivity and superior hydrophilic properties of special metal materials by laser welding technology to manufacture molded evaporative condenser plate and pipe which the service life can be up to 20 years.
4). Integrated design, built-in cooling water pump, single of refrigeration, heating, hot water for triple uses;
5). Chillers, air-cooled heat pumps, air source heat pump water heater equipment are integrated;
6). High COP Rate: 4.2 to 4.7
7). Heat Recovery Patent Technology: more than 30% Heat Recovery Efficiency
8). Save Water: more than 50% water compare with cooling tower cooled condenser
9). High-performance twin-screw compressor: low noise, small vibration, safe and reliable operation
10). Adjust the load range of 25% -100%
11). Automatic Control panel
12). More than 15% energy efficiency of water-cooled system and 30% energy efficiency of Air-cooled system


Condensing Way       Air-Cooled    Water-Cooled    Evaporative

Condensing Temp        45℃       40℃        38℃

Cooling capacity Fan

Flow Volume per kW     420-500m3/h    120-200m3/h    100-160m3/h

Cooling water pump        --        ≧20m       3-5m

Cooling capacity Energy
loss per kW          0.026KW        0.038KW      0.014KW

System COP          2.5-3.2       3.2-3.8       4.2-4.8

Energy Efficiency %
Compare with        35% or more      15-20%        --
Evaporative Chiller

Sweatless Diffuser

Sweatless diffuser is a self-owned brand by Delta Duct Systems, with selfestablished factory for production. The diffusers are produced to meet standard of BS476 ( Part 6 & Part 7 ) Fire Safety Certificate as well as Fire Safety Certificates in Hong Kong & Macau. Nylon 66 fibres are coated onto diffuser surfaces using Japanese technology. Such material is well-known for preventing condensation, non-combustible, durable, resistant to corrosion, resistant to bacteria and mold. It is specially designed for air-conditioning diffusers of shops and restaurants to solve problems and inconvenience caused by “dripping water”. As the nylon 66 material has insulation function, materials like fiberglass and closed cell elastomeric insulation are not required anymore. This reduces carbon dioxide emission and is environmental friendly.


Ability specializes in the design, manufacture and the worldwide distribution of UK specification fan coil units (FCU's). One of the UK’s pre-eminent suppliers, based in a new 30,000 sq feet factory in the UK, from here we operate a fully integrated sales, design and manufacturing facility.

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