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Green Lighting System

Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting Systems

We believes that every light should be intelligent, in order to drive radical energy efficiency and provide a platform for distributed building intelligence.
Our patented technology is the basis for a broad portfolio of award winning products – from intelligent high bay and linear LED fixtures, to intelligence software, to the Digital Light Agents (DLAs), that make any fixture intelligent.

Intelligent LED Lighting Systems are regularly saving customers up to 90% on their lighting energy costs.

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"E4Max" LED Series

LED lighting is the most widely used for the energy-efficient purpose. The energy efficiency of LED lightings is much lower than traditional light bulbs and energy saving bulbs and also no mercury included in order to minimize the impact on the environment
—With technology from Taiwan and Japan,“E4MAX ”LED Series improved normal problems of LED products such as  lower heat dissipation, attenuation of luminous …and provide higher quality LED series with higher ROI.

1) No mercury
2) No harmful radiation
3) Compliance with ROHS
4) Compliance with international standards EN 62471-1  (Eye Safety Risk Assessment)

1) The energy efficiency of E4MAX LED Series is over 50% than traditional lighting systems (such as light bulbs, energy saving lamp ..) with providingsimilar luminosity
2) The use of Nano-coating technology is evenly distributed inside the cast to provide excellentperformance with using lower power of light source

Life Time:
1) E4MAX “LED lamps:> 30000hrs; other lighting systems: 6000-12000hrs

"E4Max" T5 Tube-in-Tube Series

Different from the T5 fluorescent tubes, "E4MAX" T5 tubes-in-tube Series includes the benefit of T5 fluorescent tubes in reducing the environmental pollution (compare with traditional T8 fluorescent tubes) and have higher Energy Efficiency, higher Brightness and longer Lifetime

1) Significant reduction in glass use
2) Significant reduction in uses of mercury
3) Using the material of Tri-phosphor rather than halogen

1). Power consumption of  "E4MAX" T5 tube-in-tube Series: 18W; T5tube Series: 28W and T8 tube Series: 36W *
2). Brightness of "E4MAX" T5 tube-in-tube Series: ~395Lux; T5 tube Series: ~ 295Lux and T8 tube Series: ~ 337Lux *
3) Flash Frequency of "E4MAX" T5 tube-in-tube Series/T5 tube Series: 30000Hz and T8 tube Series:50Hz 
4)  "E4MAX" T5 tube-in-tube Series can be installed directly on the T8 bracket and T5 tube Series will have some further installation
* Comparing with 1200mm fluorescent lamp

Life Time:
1).  "E4MAX" T5 tube-in-tube Series: >20000hrs; T5 tube Series: ~ 12000hrs and T8 tube Series:  ~8000hrs
2)  Ballast of "E4MAX" T5 tube-in-tube Series: >50000hrs; T5 tube Series: ~ 12000hrs and T8 tube Series: ~ 30000hrs

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