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Eco Expo Asia 2015

BillionGroup will exhibit in the upcoming Eco Expo Asia 2015 at booth 3-C07 & 3-C09 from 28th-31st October, 2015 for the following Energy & Environmental Solutions.

1. Energy Efficiency Improvement: Energy & Carbon Management for Manufacturing and Building Industries 2. Compressed Air Energy Storage 3. Wind Turbine Renewable Energy 4. Advanced Lighting System 5. Online Process Water Monitoring (No Chemical Substance) 6. Water Desalination 7. Air Sanitization 8. Refuse Derived Fuel 9. Waste to Energy 10. Ability Matrix Fan Coil Unit 11. Sweatless Diffuser 12. Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing (VSEP) 13. FirePro Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Systems 14. Thermal Reflective Paint 15. Thermal Reflective Window Film 16. Dimmable LED PAR, GLS, GU10 & T8 Lamps

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