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2012 Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies Award

BillionGroup Technologies Ltd. is selected as the winner of the 2012 Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies AWARD, because the editorial judges chose BillionGroup as the winner of the MOST RELIABLE ENERGY CONSULTANTS 2012 AWARD on account of the following few criterias. 1.) The success, achievements or contributions of the company's CEO, Chairman or Managing Director to HK or their respective industries. 2.) Brands with recognized quality certifications and proven track record/milestones of contributions to HK 3.) Those who've shown admirable growth/results over the last 3-5 years 4.) Those recognized for their contributions to society (CSR initiatives) 5.) Brands that have no pending legal cases or criminal records. 6.) Published materials (i.e. references from published materials by our Group, newspapers, television, internet, etc) and 7.) Publicly available information (i.e. info from research houses, the HKTDC, libraries, etc.) This is the only yearly business award in Hong Kong regarded as the Oscars of HK's business world. It's been around for more than 10 years, recognizing the companies that are making valuable contributions to our city. The central theme this year is all about CORPORATE INTEGRITY, which is why when it came to a specialist in energy conservation initiatives, the editorial board felt that BillionGroup fits the criteria well given BillionGroup's contributions to industries in HK and her achievements.

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