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"Think Global, Think Hong Kong"

Managing Director of BillionGroup Technologies. Ltd. - Ir Steve Wong has been invited by The Hong Kong Trade Development Council(HKTDC) to take part in the Think Global, Think Hong Kong Japan trip with about 100 Hong Kong partners The global economy is increasingly driven by the dynamic markets of Asia, particularly the Chinese mainland. At the same time, economic developments in Japan have led to an increased interest in reaching new overseas markets. Hong Kong's status as an international trade and financial centre makes it the preferred partner for Japanese companies exploring new global business opportunities. To help Japanese businesses realise new overseas opportunities, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council organised a major Hong Kong promotion, Think Global, Think Hong Kong (国際化へのパートナー: 香港), in Japan during May 2012. More than 100 Hong Kong partners and local Japanese organisations took part in the event. Think Global, Think Hong Kong featured two main symposia and thematic seminars in Tokyo and Osaka on 15 and 17 May 2012 respectively. These events were led by high-profile speakers from Japan and Hong Kong. There were also a variety of events throughout the month. Think Global, Think Hong Kong's events covered a variety of themes:

  • Practical Business Solutions (practical advice on taxation and legal regulations)

  • Financial Services (RMB business)

  • Technology Cooperation

  • Creative and Digital Content industries

  • Branding, marketing & selling

  • Advantages of PRD+

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